introductory video of gameplay in the
stud app.

the ultimate
football gaming app!

Get results quickly through our 5 minute exhibition games. Our style of gaming is simple and effective. You can play on the road, at work, even while your relieving yourself. It’s a all in one football game in the palm of your hand.

live updates

We pride ourselves on giving our gamers the best football gaming experience out there. Our goal was to create a football app like no other. One unique feature that we prided ourselves on was live NFL game-day updates. In laymen terms, we enhanced the gaming experience by using real stats from live games to increase each players capability in the mobile app.
If your player scores a touch down on game-day, our app takes those stats and adds them into that particular player’s power ranking, giving you “the user” an extra boost.


Our game is one of a kind. We wanted to cater to users everywhere. So, we designed a football game app that could be played with only one hand. No other football game app on the market does this.


Users have the ability to build there team from the ground up.
A team of NFL player’s is randomly selected when an account is created. As your profile score progresses your team will begin to grow. Each milestone you achieve means a new player will unlock. So, you have the ability to customize your team at your disposal, making the game experience that much sweeter.

Third person

We have two different perspectives within our gaming app. Normal view, which occurs when the game starts. In this view, a user is able to view the whole field of play, giving you “the play-maker” an ability to direct where the ball is thrown or ran. Our second view is a third person close-up. This occurs when you run the ball as a running back, or catch the ball as a receiver. The purpose of this view is to give the user control of how the play
will transpire.

practice makes perfect

Training exercises are the best way to get the advantage over your opponent. We implemented training simulation’s, in order for users to hone there craft in the stud app. You have the chance to learn the basics of throwing a perfect pass, running the ball, kicking a field goal and perfecting your defensive presence.

win a prize

This section of the app is for the “true gamers”. If you think you have what it takes to go up against the best of the best, you're in the right place. The events page gives you access to all of the current events that are taking place. These tournaments are setup in a win or go home format. Each event has specific rules, choose between the different challenges to get your chance to win big.